BREAKING REPORT: DOJ Announcement Provides MAJOR EVIDENCE Trump Didn't Incite Insurrection

WESTERNJOURNAL: Impeachment is, at its heart, a political matter.

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Impeachment is, at its heart, a political matter. There may be a veneer of the legal proceeding to it, but as the last few years have made clear, it’s effectively a matter of how many votes you can rustle up.

If you can convince enough people that the offense was grave enough to merit impeachment and conviction — or perhaps more to the point, if you can convince them it’s in their best interest to say the offense was grave enough — you win.

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If Democrats impeaching former President Donald Trump hoped they could convince Republicans it’s in their interest to treat Trump’s speech before the Capitol incursion as incitement, you would think the arrests of several alleged far-right militia members would buttress their case. Ironically, it could be what proves no incitement was involved.

What’s interesting about the news release, however, is the fact that authorities said the Oath Keepers members were in contact early, coordinating their actions as far back as November. They were also allegedly in close communication as the incursion happened.


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Storm Coming 27 days ago

Why did it take a report! We already knew it was a false flag bs op from anqueefa and bee elle emm set up by the demonrats